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Governor Walker Called On to Line Item Veto

Anchorage Legislative Information Office Appropriation and Request a Criminal Investigation



May 4, 2015   Anchorage, Alaska

Late last Friday, Alaska Governor Bill Walker was delivered an Open Letter from Alaska Building owner Jim Gottstein calling on him to use his line item veto authority to eliminate the FY 2016 appropriation for the controversial Anchorage Legislative Information Office (LIO) lease or reduce it to at least 10 percent below market rental value as required by law. The Open Letter also states it appears a crime has been committed and calls on the Governor to ask Attorney General Craig Richards to investigate. 

Part of a lawsuit Alaska Building, Inc., filed at the end of March charges the so-called "lease extension" is illegal because the rent is not at least ten percent below market value as well as not being an extension as required by law.  Mr. Gottstein, stated, "It should not be left to me to correct this obviously illegal lease," continuing, "The Governor should veto the appropriation and the Attorney General should investigate this blatant corruption that appears to constitute a crime." 

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